Why us

We love what we do and we are passionate about doing it! And we want you to have the best experience possible to make your adventure truly unforgettable. All of our itineraries have been designed by our leaders, with you in mind. We have trekked the trails, climbed the mountains and experienced wonderful interaction with local people. We now want to share our experiences with you. We know you will love it too!

Small group size

We restrict the number of people on our trips to maximize the experiences of our clients, and support our philosophy of being eco-friendly. Small group sizes increase our ability to get into those uniquely special places. Our average group size is 12 and we won’t take more than 15.

Local Leaders

We always employ local leaders to accompany our own staff because it’s their backyard! They know all the best places, whether it be an isolated swimming hole, a beautiful piece of rain forest or that market that’s “off the beaten path”, it is our interaction and great relationship with the local peoples that makes us special.


From the time you decide to spend your valuable dollars on having that Unforgettable Adventure with us, we provide continual support in a range of areas. Whether it be Physical training to get your body and mind into shape, advice on the type of backpack or boot that’s best for the trek, or just a calming, reassuring voice for those a bit apprehensive on their first trip abroad, our service to you is a priority.

Private Groups

Do you want to share your Unforgettable Adventure with a special group of friends? No problem! If you have a group of 6 we can generally customize your adventure to suit your departure date and your requirements.


We have spent the past decade providing journeys for people who have often returned from their adventure with a new lease of life. Many of our clients return to villages and work on a volunteer basis. Serving as an assistant teacher in a remote school in PNG, a volunteer in an orphanage in northern Thailand or providing medical care in a Nepali village are all possible as a result of our great relationship with the local peoples we work with and our desire to immerse our clients in the culture of the region.

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